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Since the day I was born, I have always been surrounded by animals. My first ever, at birth, was a short-haired sable dachshund named Duchess. I don't remember her well, but every pet after stuck with me and I remember every dog and cat by name. Pets give you unconditional love and purpose. They have always been an important part of my life.

So, being the animal whisperer that I am, (my kids lovingly dubbed me with that nickname), it was only natural that I eventually used my love for animals to help and care for those in need.

Currently, I have 2 dachshunds who are my unconditional best friends forever. These cookies are their absolute favorite!

Finding easy to digest, flavorful and good for you treats for my dogs is easier now than in previous years, but I have found most dogs (and mine) to be picky with the organic ingredients. Simple is better.

Using the dogs favorite flavors, I developed this line to not only satisfy my fur friends insatiable "treat tooth", but also help fund all of our animal friends in need.

A portion of every single cookie pouch purchased goes directly to the non-profit organization, BEST FRIENDS ANIMAL SOCIETY. They help animals all across our great country to find help, hope and new homes.

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